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    PROS / Its support services make it easy to learn.

    CONS / It does not have extended voice-training features.

    VERDICT / While satisfactory in the most basic ways, the unattractive interface and minimal features leave a lot to be desired.

    Using e-Speaking software is simple and straightforward. There is ample customer support so the learning curve is short. However, that does not make up for a lack of advanced voice-training tools and its low accuracy score compared to its competitors.


    One aspect of this speech-to-text software that threw us off from the start is the unattractive interface. There is an avatar of a young woman who voices the instructions with a robot-like feel. It does not look technologically advanced, but you do have an option to remove it.

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    The accuracy score is the lowest on our lineup at 60 percent, which is surprising given how clearly laid-out the commands are. Each command appears on the instruction icon, and it is not difficult to master, even in comparison to more advanced voice-to-text software. You can also navigate the internet with commands to open and close pages and use the customizable commands to set up simple functions on your computer like “open email.”

    One reason for the lower dictation accuracy might be the lack of extended voice training. Even though it does not gloss over the technical sides of learning voice recognition software, it also does not work extensively on adapting itself to your voice. Most other voice dictation programs have additional features designed to adapt themselves to their user’s profiles, but this lacks them.

    The help and support services are well done for such a simple voice dictation service. There is a frequently asked questions section, along with tutorials that guide you through the basic functions of the software. There is also email support, which we found quick and thorough with a reply time of about 24 hours. An online user manual is available on the manufacturer’s website, and it is as thorough as the FAQs section. There is a phone number, but you can only call during business hours.


    Even though there is higher-ranked voice recognition software, e-Speaking provides basic functionality. You can open and close systems, and it's easy to learn because of the clearly marked buttons and customer support. If all you want is simple software, then e-Speaking is a solid choice.